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"Sara Nelson" is an United States/American publishing industry figure who is an editor and literary criticism/book reviewer and consultant and columnist, and is currently the editorial director at Nelson is notable for having been editor in chief at the book industry's chief trade publication Publishers Weekly from 2005–2009 during a time of wrenching restructuring and industry downsizing. After that, she was book editor at Oprah Winfrey/Oprah's O: The Oprah Magazine/O Magazine. Her book So Many Books, So Little Time was published in 2003.{{cite news

/author= SARA NELSON

/title= Will Controversial Holocaust Novel Find an Audience?

/publisher= The Wall Street Journal

/quote= Sara Nelson is the former editor in chief of Publishers Weekly and the author of "So Many Books, So Little Time: A Year of Passionate Reading."

/date= March 4, 2009

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Random House would have preferred not to have this lawsuit and spend money defending the book and Dan Brown, but they've certainly not been hurt by it.

They wouldn't let me in the room where she was cause they were afraid I'd get it, too.

To most people he's a novelist, and they don't hold him to the same journalistic standard as they would others. This is not as if Bob Woodward got caught manufacturing quotes from the president.

So many of the boys from town were in the Army.

Interest in reading memoirs is universal. What has happened is that people are writing about more and more outrageous things. Our threshold for weirdness - you can't have just a normal childhood - has gone way up.

He shook his head and he didn't think the baby was going to live.

The doctors were so busy they couldn't take care of them all.

The book industry has been deeply embarrassed and I think that her show pointed up the disconnect between publishing and the real world.

Five million paperbacks is a lot, but I think they'll do fine with this. They'll go after the people who don't want to spend $22.95 on a hardcover, and there are a lot of people like that out there.