She doesn't have to score the goals to make you notice her on the field. She plays both ends of the field. She's in excellent shape. She normally plays all 80 minutes.

We lost to a very skilled team. We had some good runs at the goal. There were three shots we took in the first 10 minutes, and any one of them could have gone in. I think we played very well. Mentally we were there tonight.

I would like to praise the play of our (goalkeeper) Kelsey Meadows and also senior halfback Kate Davis, who has been playing very consistently and is very involved in all of our plays.

They really stepped up their play and helped us tremendously in the second half.

Today we saw the advantage of playing the whole field. Our passing skills are improving and we are not rushing our shots. The defense covered our goal area when Presentation threatened. Everyone stepped up their personal level of play today.