Economic policy reforms aimed at encouraging new investment in all sectors of the economy will also be taken up.

The scope of the inquiry and terms of reference will be announced shortly.

He reiterated his commitment to ensuring life of peace, self-respect for people of J&K.

This new look-west initiative towards the GCC members will bring the economies of the Persian Gulf closer to India.

The Centre (federal government) has made it clear that it would hold talks with a cross-section of political leaders from the state.

The prime minister will leave here on September 10. On September 12, he will be in Paris and hold talks with French leaders including Jacques Chirac.

The Prime Minister would like all men and women of goodwill in the dialogue process to end the period of suffering.

A separate website is being opened to record all contribution made towards the J and K relief effort so that funds donated to this cause are earmarked for the purpose.

It's a historic visit. It's going to alter relations between India and Saudi Arabia.