"Sandy Parker" is a Canadian retired professional wrestling/professional wrestler. She debuted in 1969, wrestling in Canada, the United States, and Japan. In Japan, she worked for All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling, holding numerous titles. She also had an unofficial NWA Women's World Tag Team Championship reign with partner Sue Green.

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We want to create a smoother system. In Charlotte (N.C.), their chamber of commerce office is located at the airport. We don't have that.

Our employers are not being passive. They're becoming very, very angry.

Upstate is absolutely sinking under these mandates. We've got to see some change, because we're dying here.

I'm pleased to see that he's not unnecessarily just doling out money for projects. He's looking to revitalize the economy.

The reason is that so many designers have adopted fur -- full-fur garments, fur trim, fur accessories. The revival is really being driven by the designers.

I know development comes. To me, there has to be a point when someone speaks up for the public and not just the developers.