"Sandra Collins" is an United States/American Disc jockey/DJ, record producer, and remixer.

She got her start on the West Coast of the United States/U.S. in Phoenix, Arizona and into residencies in Los Angeles, and eventually moved towards trance music/trance. She used American producers to give herself a unique sound. Collins performed for an estimated 80,000 people on the first night of Woodstock '99, and was the first female DJ featured in the Tranceport series of influential recordings. She recently has released two Compact disc/CD mixes under Paul Oakenfold/Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto Records/Perfecto label.

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I think an agency has to have time to build a relationship with a client to do their best work. It may be all right for strategic hot shops to work on projects or even creative agencies, but media agencies really have to get to know a client's business.

It starts in middle school now, so it is good for us to target them young.

A lot of the books, I have no idea what happened to them, ... It's certainly a fun thing to do.

It works out to about $267 per use for the bookmobile. But (the county library association) deals with all the maintenance.

We're looking to build them up as individuals so that when they have to make those decisions, they say no.