It's a huge decision for them to take; there will obviously be some that are averse to shifting the role.

These are very early stages of threat that could assume more dangerous proportions ... I think the Indonesian case is the same. If you deal with these issues far earlier on and in terms of an inclusive political process you can stop the rot.

What one looks for is evidence, not rhetoric.

Islamic extremists have exploited the political vacuum elsewhere and could here too.

What is happening here is a gradual transformation -- although that is not to say it cannot be reversed.

I believe demonstrations have been planned by human rights groups who are far more annoyed at the human rights situation in Pakistan than General Musharraf.

[According to political analysts, there were many contributing factors.] The decline of the MMA had started much before the local government elections, ... They failed to deliver the goods to their electorates.

We will see how far he addresses these concerns.

It would have made a difference if he had been elected president. It might have even made a difference if he had given up his title of chief of army staff.