We've been practicing free throws. I knew that we had to knock them down, we had to play defense and don't foul.

You have to take what you are given. I knew Brittney could light it up and I let her have it.

Definitely, once we started going, our momentum was swinging. We couldn't stop and the game wasn't over. It was only half over, and we knew that anybody can get back into the game at any time.

It comes along with the experience. You can't get too excited or too jittery or too nervous before anything starts. You know it's like playing ball at any other place. The pressure is on, but you shouldn't have to feel it.

We definitely started crashing the boards better in the second half. We knew if we weren't going to get the rebounds now, when are we going to rebound? Rebounds always matter, no matter if it's the beginning or end.