Sam Torrance
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"Sam Torrance" OBE is a Scotland/Scottish professional golfer and sports commentator. He was one of the leading players on the European Tour from the mid-1970s to the late 1990s, with 21 Tour wins. Torrance was a member of European Ryder Cup teams on eight occasions, from 1981 to 1995 consecutively; he was on Cup-winning teams in 1985, 1987, 1989, and 1995. He was the winning non-playing Captain (sports)/captain of the European Ryder Cup team in 2002. Torrance was honoured with the MBE (1996) and OBE (2003), for his outstanding contributions to golf.

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My view is we should bend the rules, change the rules - do anything to get the best team.

I loved playing in America but it was almost like starting my career over again. The truth was I couldn't take it. I was away from the family too much. And now I'm very comfortable. That decision has certainly improved my quality of life. I'm much happier being at home more, and I hope that this will reflect in my golf.

There's only one missing. You know what to do.

It was a tough day. I played well but took 36 putts and that's useless.

I know I made a lot of money, finished second on the Order of Merit, won three times, won the Ryder Cup, won the Dunhill Cup, but I was still very pissed off on Sunday, and I still am.

I don't think the fact Ian is following in the footsteps of two winning captains is anything other than a positive.

We're out for revenge and I fancy us to beat them!

What a team. I led them to the water and they drank copiously.