"Sam Schmidt" is a former IndyCar/Indy Racing League driver and current Verizon IndyCar Series and Firestone Indy Lights series team owner.

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The judge has taken responsibility for finding the facts. He doesn't have confidence that the Justice Department will do so because it appears they have stonewalled for at least three years.

That was a lie, wasn't it?.

We have activity swirling all around. And the concept of running a terrorist cell whose goals are to murder Americans and having all these people around ... just doesn't make sense.

Other than last year, with Meijer and Coca-Cola, we didn't have a clue what we were doing and never even expected to be in the 500, and we've always managed to put a deal together. It has been an uphill battle ... but we're not giving up.

I'm happy because they're taking a look at the big picture.

What he is is a caring, devout Muslim. Please don't view every single suspicious fact as evidence of being part of a conspiracy to murder his fellow Americans.

Mr. el Hage didn't leave an impression when it took a year to talk about him to the government.

He believed in the struggle that is jihad, that is personal in one's self and to help other Muslims.

We've thrown a lot of things against the wall and really haven't got them to stick. We've got a number of associate sponsors that want to participate for sure ... we just haven't totally put the funding package together.