"Sam Reed" was the Secretary of State of Washington and a United States Republican Party/Republican. Reed was Washington's fourteenth Secretary of State. He opted not to run for a third term, and retired in January 2013.

Reed received his bachelor's and master's degrees in political science from Washington State University. He was elected to the office of Secretary of State in 2000, as one of only two Republicans to be elected to statewide office that year, after serving as Thurston County, Washington/Thurston County auditor.

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But frankly, if there were any real problems, we would have seen them yesterday.

When you're not having to deal with all those polling sites it simplifies one's life considerably.

The reports we're getting really from throughout the state as well as King County, ... is that the county elections people are being very, very diligent.

One of the biggest problems we have is people not following instructions properly when they're voting.

Their duty as a citizen is to vote, and to vote properly.

We have in mind it being a very prominent building where people can come to learn about Washington state, the territorial history and the culture.

It's a trade and cultural mission.

After going through that gubernatorial recount and its aftermath, you know confidence was shaken, ... So it's very important that we have good elections this time.

We've been checking around the state and everybody says things are going great.