We knew coming in that Virginia was a tough team ... that's their identity. But they were coming to our house and we weren't going to let anybody punk us in our house. We weren't going to let them out-tough us here.

When you stay in a big hotel, you have to have your key, and I had forgotten mine. I was going to another room upstairs, and it just so happens that he was going to the floor above where I was going.

You do see that a lot. People being overly nice because they are worried you might think they are racist.

The intensity is turned up about 10 times. (The tournament) is a whole different feeling.

Maybe in February, you might talk about it for a while. There's slavery and the Civil War, then nothing for (100 years). Then there's Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, and that's it — like they were the only two who ever did anything. It gets glossed over.

You know, there's prejudice both ways. A lot of people just don't know their history before they start judging.

The shots we're making now are the shots we missed then.

We have a saying on this team that we're not going to let anybody come in here and punk us.

You know, it really wasn't that long ago that all this happened. I couldn't imagine growing up in that type of generation. Seeing what Jackie Robinson ... went through. He just wanted to play baseball. That's so tough. My hat's off to the people before me who put up with that.