I would have been excited just to play against a No. 3-ranked team like Penn State, but I'm not excited about how I came to be the starter right now. A.J.'s my best friend. We've been here in and out of things together. I'm out there playing for A.J.

I'm out there playing for A.J..

A lot of people doubted us, didn't think we should come here and didn't think we deserved to be here. But I think we proved to the country we (belong).

People will see they know how to push their teams, they know how to get us going. That's exactly what they did. As you can see, it was a heck of a battle out there.

He's going to get through it. I'm out there playing for A.J. A.J. is my best friend. He's in my heart.

It was good, high-density football. We fought our tails off.