Sam Loeffler
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"Sam Loeffler" is the drummer of the alternative metal band Chevelle (band)/Chevelle. He plays in the band with his brother and guitarist / vocalist Pete Loeffler and brother-in-law and bassist Dean Bernardini. Sam has recently started singing background vocals on certain songs such as "Another Know it All", "Sleep Apnea" and "The Fad" in live performances. As of 2010, Sam Loeffler switched kits to a vintage Pearl "Vistalite" type kit.

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We never told anybody about (our relationship), even after we were signed. I didn't want anybody to talk about it. I don't care if people know we're brothers -- I just don't want them to lump the music into something.

I get along with Pete really, really well, and we get along with Joe fine. Honestly, we've learned how to give each other our space. We totally know what the breaking point is, and we bite our tongues.

Our lyrics are about a lot of things. They are not very introspective. For example, the song 'Panic Prone' is about drugs, this idea about kids getting drugged up and medicating themselves and whether to help people or not help people at all.