I don't need all the attention.

You don't think about things like that. The day I start thinking about those things is the day I stop racing. I want to think about winning not worry about whether I'm going to get hurt.

It comes down to drivers, teams and luck.

I'm pretty big on saying that I'm never going to say never. I think there's a lot of opportunity over there, but there are still things I'd like to accomplish over here.

There's always a chance the yellow would have come out towards the end and I would have had a shot to go after him. As it turned out, I didn't.

Now, I have a good idea of what I need to work on for the next road course, and I think we'll have some success on the rest of these circuits this year.

I'm very excited about this weekend. Going into St. Petersburg last year, we weren't sure how I was going to do because my road course experience was limited. I feel a lot more confident.