We will be collecting (monetary donations) at the gate at the football game.

Every single day I think of it, and I always will.

They've lost so much. We don't realize how fortunate we are. They need everything. We're hoping we can fill the semi.

Thinking of you. Sorry that the storm destroyed your home and school. Hope you are better and stay safe.

I have to tell you that I was kind of in a dream state that whole morning, ... I couldn't quite grasp that I was actually going to meet - good or bad, whether you like him or not - the leader of the free world. It's like your wedding day. You kind of glaze through it.

[Junior Achievement] keeps our youth motivated, ... They can see they can stay here and not run outside the state to run their own business or whatever else they want to do.

The problem is there is that perception, ... Unfortunately, it bleeds down from adults to their children, but when you bring someone into the classroom to share the stories of success, we change perceptions.