"Salim Muwakkil" is an American journalist based in Chicago. He is a senior editor at In These Times and an op-ed columnist for the Chicago Tribune. Muwakkil writes on African American issues, Middle East politics, and US foreign policy. Currently a Crime and Communities Media Fellow of the Open Society Institute, he also teaches a seminar on race, media, and politics for the Urban Studies Program of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest.

Other publications in which Muwakkil's work has appeared include The Washington Post, ?The New York Times Book Review?, The Chicago Reader, The Progressive, Newsday, Cineaste (magazine)/Cineaste, The Baltimore Sun, Z Communications/Z Magazine, Toronto Star, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Utne Reader.

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It had celebrity, a brutal murder, race. Nicole was a blonde, there were racist cops - it had everything. It was an extravaganza.

It was a very acute racial moment. The trial about a black man killing a white woman exacerbated the anger of the angry white man and made the black community feel like they had to defend themselves.