I think this constitution will worsen everything in the country and will increase violence. We think the citizens will reject it.

They postponed the date because they want to agree upon everything, so the whole constitution is delayed. Practically, it is probably not enough time, but we hope everybody works hard to achieve it.

We still have some hope that we could reach something. If we reach it, fair enough. If we don't, then they have to take responsibility for what happens if this constitution is passed.

This constitution is full of mines that are going to explode. The articles stipulated in this constitution will have grave consequences if they are submitted to a referendum. This constitution will lead to a weak Iraq that is unable to defend itself.

There are about 20 issues in there that are unresolved.

This is going to weaken support for the government even more.

In the end, the differences are so big and so wide we could not reach an agreement.

We still have some hope that we could reach something.

What they have proposed will only create division and disturbance. People should reject this constitution.