Sadaharu Oh
FameRank: 4

"As Player"

* Yomiuri Giants (–)

"As Manager"

* Yomiuri Giants (–)

* Fukuoka Softbank Hawks/Fukuoka Daiei Hawks • Fukuoka Softbank Hawks (–)

* Japan national baseball team/Japan


* World record 868 career home runs

* 1.079 career On-base plus slugging/OPS (Japanese record)

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*11× Japan Series Champion (as a player) , , , , , , , , , ,

*9× Nippon Professional Baseball Most Valuable Player Award/Central League MVP (, , , , , , , , )

* Yomiuri Giants#Retired numbers/Yomiuri Giants #1 retired

/ hoflink = Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame

/ hoftype = Japanese

/ hofdate = 1994

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"Sadaharu Oh" (Japanese language/Japanese: , ? Sadaharu; born May 20, 1940), also known as "Wang Chen-chih" (Chinese language/Chinese: traditional characters/t }}, simplified characters/s }}, pinyin/p Wáng Zh?nzhì), is a retired Japanese–Chinese baseball player and manager who holds the world lifetime home run record, having hit 868 home runs during his professional career.

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We gave everything we had. We learned that our opponents' desire was higher than ours.

We struggled to score runs against some very good pitching.

We have a saying in Japanese that 'the third time will reveal the truth' and since we've lost twice to South Korea and both were games that we lost by one run and gave up two runs in the eighth inning, we would love the opportunity to meet them again and win.

Our games were very close games. I believe either team could have won either game. We would like to show our best performance this time.

Again, it was the same right fielder who made that catch at Tokyo Dome. It changed a situation from one where we could have scored to one in which we did not. It has been indicative of the way momentum has flowed in this tournament.

We have a saying in Japan - third time comes truth.

I thought I would never, never get a chance to manage a team like this.

To be honest, I haven't felt this thrilled in a long time.

Tomorrow if we can win, we'll be happy. What happened (on Sunday), happened. It's in the past now and it's time to move on.