Like those players in the bond market, stock players may have begun to factor in rate hikes in the future.

It was a natural breather. But with (benchmark indexes) hovering in positive areas throughout the day, the market conditions remain solid.

Trading volume shrinks to its lowest level at this time of the year, as the fiscal year draws to end. Along with that ... there are no leads now.

There had been expectations of solid corporate earnings before the earnings results season began, and indeed, they are proving to have been right.

Weakness in high-tech shares, which are the key contributor to the Nikkei, pushed down the market.

It was a better scenario than expected for the stock market.

Today's market movement showed that with the dividend rights gone many investors were willing to sell heavily.

The market will likely remain volatile for now, until players find levels to settle down.

There's no meaning in a market if traders cannot sell or buy when they want.