This is a totally different type of game (than the game with Van). Fairfield wants to outscore you. I think we're going to get plenty of scoring opportunities. It's just getting the shot we want and stopping them. I'm not worried about scoring points ... we've got to stop them. That's the whole focus.

These guys have been waiting for this tournament since we lost last year. This is a great tournament with a great atmosphere in a great gym. It's a good feeling when you win here.

I know they're going to be up to play us, and they always are. It's always going to be a good game.

We've shot the ball well the last two games. I told them we had to come out on top, because if we got behind, that could be a problem.

If we can get through this week (with wins) against Fairfield and Tatum, I'd feel a lot better about that ranking. The kids are excited about the game. What kid wouldn't want to be a part of a game like this? This one right here is going to be every bit as big as every other big game.

He's probably the most competitive kid I've ever coached. He hates to lose; he can't stand to lose. And that's what makes him good, because he gets it. He has a fear of losing, and he does everything in his power not to do that.

It's going to be a packed house, no doubt. I hope the turnout is the same as with Van last year, as far as the score.

He will take the blame (if things go wrong). He's never one time made an excuse of anybody else. He's so humble in what he's been given. He realizes his God-given gift and that's the most amazing thing about him. He's going to be hard to replace.

It was 11-0, then I looked at the scoreboard and then it was (11-10), and that's us this year. But we stayed patient, having 10 seniors helped that. They know what it takes to win.