Ryan Sheckler
FameRank: 8

"Ryan Allen Sheckler" is an American professional skateboarder and entrepreneur, and was the star of the MTV-produced reality television series Life of Ryan. Sheckler was listed in Fox Weekly's "15 Most Influential Skateboarders of All-Time" article.

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I wanted to come out here and let people know how strong a skater I am. I'm excited about next year. I just hope it's as much fun as this year.

[Sheckler spit out frontside feebles and back smiths on the flat rail, big kickflips both ways, and, of course, his patented] Sheck-lair ... You look up to everybody. All these guys are my heros, and then here I am skating right there next to them all the time. It's rad.

I was excited to win because I can finally drive my new truck. I feel like I'm skating amazing and I'm in my prime right now. It's so fun. I'm so lucky. It's crazy to be able to do this.