Ryan Seacrest
FameRank: 10

"Ryan John Seacrest" is an American radio personality, presenter/television host, and producer. He hosts talent competition American Idol, American Top 40, as well as On Air with Ryan Seacrest (radio)/On Air with Ryan Seacrest, a morning radio show on KIIS-FM.

He received Emmy Award nominations for American Idol, and won an Emmy for producing Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.

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You're both safe. Take a seat.

He's arrogant, he's pompous, he believes that everything he says is right, he drives you crazy. He actually tries to get under your skin.

Trust me -- you are in for a shock.

I've dated some women who have turned me on to some funny things that are strange for men to actually do. But these things have become part of my process. I think the things I do for my appearance help make me look better. I even color my hair because I like how it makes me look.

She's the biggest star of the year.

I don't have enough time this half hour.

Think of your worst nightmare and never waking up from that. That would be the rest of your life married to this man. It would all be about him and not you. Valentine's Day would be a celebration of him.

People bring up my hair quite a bit. It's strategically tousled. The flatiron is the key.

It's OK to cry. It's because you care.