Ryan Ross
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"George Ryan Ross III" is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter most known for his work as the lead guitarist, backup vocalist and main songwriter for the band Panic! at the Disco, before his departure from the band in 2009. Ross and former Panic bassist Jon Walker are the founding members of the band The Young Veins, in which Ross is the lead singer. Most recently, Ross has been credited as a composer for a track on Vices & Virtues, Panic! at the Disco's 2011 album.

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It takes two seconds. . . . No more fishing in your wallet or purse for credit cards.

Things have been happening very fast. We've been pretty much busy from the week we got signed; since then, we've only had a week and a half off.

Because we had two songs online (before the album was out), people were already making assumptions about what kind of band we were and what our album was going to sound like. And that's what a lot of the album is about. It's directed at all those kids that talk on message boards.

It was two extremes of influence being put next to each other: the most electronic music we have on the record and the most old, out-of-style music we have on the record.