"Ryan Metcalf" is the name of:

* Ryan Metcalf (actor), American actor

* Ryan Metcalf (footballer), Scottish footballer

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Eventually we got the teachers to support us. I guess they were antsy because they were new to the school and they were dealing with all these teenage students. When they started learning exactly what we were doing and we showed them examples from the previous years, they supported us.

(Eighteen) games is a long time. I guess it's a whole month's worth. We're playing hard and we've got to keep playing hard to get through it.

We've got guys who refuse to come out of the lineup. They know we need them as a team.

It makes us feel ... it's hard to describe - it makes us feel special in some way. When we see them smile, it puts a smile on our face. Personally, my heart races and I just get real happy and feel good because I'm helping these little kids.

We've just got to keep playing and fighting.