"Ryan Walker Longwell" is a retired American football Placekicker/kicker. After playing college football for the California Golden Bears, he started his Professional sports/professional football career with the San Francisco 49ers, but never played a game for the franchise. He then played for the Green Bay Packers from 1997 to 2005. He played for the Minnesota Vikings from 2006 to 2011. He also played briefly for the Seattle Seahawks during the 2012 playoffs.

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We had no shot of making that one. It was just out of sequence.

There are times we look like the Packers of old, motoring down the field and stopping them on defense. And then there are more times where it just looks like guys are going in separate directions. You've got to play the game with passion and fervor, and I'm not sure we're giving it all we've got.

I think 0-2 is worse than 1-4. It's not like the schedule gets any easier with Tampa coming and at Carolina. You look internally and try to fix the problems. Obviously, we have a lot to fix.

We had no shot of making that one. You have 1.26 seconds and (holder) B.J. (Sander) has a clock in his head, as do I, and the snap came back way behind him. He was trying to rush to get it around and when it's that far off, you kind of lose the bearing on where the spot is.

0-2 is worse that last year's 1-4. And it's not like the schedule gets any easier with Tampa Bay coming in [Sunday] and then at Carolina [the following Monday night].

I was certainly in game-winning mode then.

We expect to make every single kick we try and it's alarming when we don't.

The bottom line is, from when I got here to how it is now, there's not that dominant, emotional, you're-going-to-beat-the-heck-out-of-whoever's-on-the-field (feeling), whether it's Ashwaubenon High School or the world champs. For whatever reason, it's a different team, and it's not there.

I would say on a scale this is bigger than Detroit last year up there. Because this is against what everybody is saying is a really good defense and a good team, and they are. Losing can be habitual, and you don't want it to ever get that way.