We've got a couple of guys that can hit the ball.

We tell our kids all the time, that soccer is won and lost in the midfield.

Luke and I played that way in college, and it worked great for our team. But this team needs a sweeper in the back. The 3-5-2 alignment gives us more depth in the back and more numbers in the midfield.

There's a right time for the long ball and right time for the 10-yard pass. We're trying to get them to understand that. We're working on those kind of decisions every day in practice.

I thought all the guys in the back played well. They did a good job with the changes we made back there.

We'll probably go with a 4-4-2 configuration that emphasizes possession. We're not overly talented, and we don't have any superstars. We don't have that guy that would be on a poster. We'll rely on all 11 players to get organized and work hard for each other.

We're trying to implement our overall ideas and thoughts. We're trying to do that with high school kids that have been exposed to lots of different ideas already.

I'm trying to figure out what high school soccer is like.

It gives us more depth in the back. It gives us a head start when defending against the long ball, making it harder for people to get behind us. If the other team serves the long ball, then we're a little further back. We won't lose the foot race to the ball.