Ryan Key
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"Ryan Key" is an American rock musician. He is best known for being the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the American pop punk band Yellowcard.

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It's incredible. It gets in your head and won't leave.

The pressure and the weight of what was happening, and the whirlwind that was spinning around us, was really weighing me down. I was kind of a pain ... to be around. And I think a lot of people were really frustrated with me.... It was kind of a dark time for me.

Okay. We actually only have one song left that we can play, so when we're done, you guys need to get the f*** out of here.

I've always written about 'My girlfriend did this and here's how I feel about it,' or 'I had a fight with this person. None of these songs are about those things. I pushed a lot of personal limits, and Holly Wood helps navigate through the themes of love and evil that are on this album.

It's awesome to know we sacrificed and followed our hearts to end up where we are right now. We definitely feel lucky, but we've worked hard as hell to make that luck happen.

New York in the winter ... brought out some darker places in us . Emotionally darker.

On this album, we took the opportunity to show people that hey, we like to make real music. We're not just plugging in our guitars and singing the catchiest melody to sell records.

She is so unbelievably gorgeous in that video that is all over TV right now. The wet wedding dress and the wet hair and ... come on, man! Who knew? She is so hot. She looks so good in it.

I know we built our career almost on being a positive influence on people. But the truth is, that's not always the way I feel. And I'm tired of being afraid of what people are going to think if I don't write that way. I want to write about what's really happening in the world. And in me.