Ryan Doumit
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"Ryan Matthew Doumit" is an United States/American professional baseball catcher who is a free agent. He played the first seven years of his career for the Pittsburgh Pirates, then two for the Minnesota Twins, and one for the Atlanta Braves.

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Unfortunately, it's taken us until the ninth inning to get back into every game. Timely hitting has to come sooner than the ninth.

I thought I had the world in my hand when I got called up. I needed that. I needed to be put in my place, and it was a good learning experience. Now, I know how to cope with failure. I know how to make the adjustments I need to be successful this year.

They just thought it would be better if I sat out.

No one wants to lose, and no one likes it. We've got some guys who are capable of doing some good things, and it's up to us to do it. We can't blame anybody but ourselves because we've got the talent to do some special things. We're the ones who have to start winning.

I kind of know where I stand this year in the organization. I know what I have to do.

It was up-and-down year. But I learned a lot. I learned what it takes to compete at the big-league level. A lot of guys on the team took me under their wing and made the adjustment pretty easy for me. They showed me the ropes.

Cota is a great player and we've got a good rapport. I learned a lot from him. I pick his brains because he's been there. He's been real supportive.

I like my initial impression of him. He's a real positive guy. I like his communication factor. I like how he likes to talk to younger players and so far so good.

Yeah, we're 0-6 and haven't won a game yet. But it's only six games. And it's not like we're getting killed.