Ryan Crocker
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"Ryan Clark Crocker" is a List of United States Foreign Service Career Ambassadors/Career Ambassador within the United States Foreign Service and a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He has served as United States Ambassador to Afghanistan (2011 to 2012) and as United States Ambassador to Iraq (2007 to 2009). Prior to those appointments, he was the American Ambassador to United States Ambassador to Pakistan/Pakistan (2004 to 2007); United States Ambassador to Syria/Syria (1998 to 2001); United States Ambassador to Kuwait/Kuwait (1994 to 1997); and to United States Ambassador to Lebanon/Lebanon (1990 to 1993). In January 2010 he became Dean of Texas A&M University's The Bush School of Government and Public Service/George Bush School of Government and Public Service.

Former United States Secretary of State/Secretary of State Colin Powell called Crocker "one of our very best foreign service officers"; President George W. Bush called him America's T. E. Lawrence/Lawrence of Arabia and noted that General David Petraeus had said that "it was a great honor for me to be his military wingman."

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You have written history in a very major way and you have also written a new chapter in the way that nations worked together.

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It is a 4.5-million-dollar facility and it is state of medical art.

The bad news is we haven't got him. The good news, if you will, is that he's probably not in effective control.

If he were out there moving around, operating in a significant way, there would probably be some sign of it.

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