Ryan Barrett
FameRank: 4

"Ryan Barrett" is an English Boxing/boxer. He is the current WBU Welterweight World Champion and former English Super Featherweight Champion and British Masters Featherweight champion. Barrett is best known for his loss to 2004 Summer Olympics/2004 Athens Olympics silver medalist Amir Khan (British boxer)/Amir Khan via a Knockout#Technical knockout/TKO; since this fight, he has gone on to fight for both British titles and world titles.

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Dave McIvor and a few other guys, like Ryan Cornforth, they're willing to put the body in front of the shot and make sure. Those are the little things we need every guy to do, not just one or two.

Total team effort today. The way our lineup is built is to do the small things like that. That's why we have nine guys in our lineup that can execute the sacrifice bunt.