These data paint a pretty clear picture for our leaders, ... My message to Canadians, and to our political leaders: the clock is ticking, and it is ticking ominously.

We hope the Guide will serve not only as a reference during times of illness but also as a source of ongoing advice that helps everyone maintain good health throughout their lives.

We've put together the medically acceptable waiting times, the maximum time patients should be waiting. So we've done the work for them.

Canada's health-care professionals remain frozen out of the upcoming meeting of federal, provincial leaders in 10 days because our leaders want to change the channel and move on from health.

Today, 12 months later, Canadians must assume it was nothing but words in the air.

[Should such change take place,] patients would no longer have to appeal to their province for approval to leave the province for specialized health care, ... It would automatically be arranged by the health care system.

Canadians have been left wondering whatever happened to the promise shown by the health plan.

We're producing the medically acceptable benchmarks. So we're doing everything we can. We're willing to work with governments at any level to produce access for patients. What are the governments doing?

They signed the first ministers accord. It's their deal. It's their promise to Canadians. They're letting Canadians down.