Where are the drafts of that letter?

Out side-barred [the government] by 200 to one.

[This gives Andersen less than three days to present its defense.] That doesn't leave much time to put on a defense, ... All I want is equal time.

What you will see is the most incredibly incompetent conspiracy if there was one.

You were in the middle of a nightmare, weren't you?

If that guy sounds like a criminal in there, I'll eat my hat.

Human face on how all this happened.

[Hardin Wednesday repeatedly tried to show that the government pressured Duncan to plead. At one point, Hardin pointed to prosecutors sitting to one side of the room.] The real hammer in this case is held at this table, ... It's the prosecutors who will recommend if Duncan will get probation or serve no time.

Did you contact Arthur Andersen?