I am humbled and sincerely grateful to friends and supporters who have stepped forward to support our candidacy for Governor.

I believe you govern from your personal experience.

[Potts went on the air this week with a clever TV ad that aims to rapidly build name recognition. In the spot, people are shown banging on pots with wooden spoons as they chant,] We want Potts! ... This is Virginia. Let's make 'em hear us.

We have similar backgrounds in many instances, ... We have never been reluctant to take on the Establishment, so to speak, and we've been forthright in our objections to the so-called 'Good Ole Boy' network.

Jerry Kilgore offers denial and delusion, ... Mr. Kaine: Delusion and deceit. That means nothing happens.

If you're looking for Warner 2, you're more likely to get it from Russ Potts than you are in Tim Kaine, ladies and gentlemen.

People who really love Virginia, Independents, Republicans and Democrats have stepped up to support the principles I am fighting for.

Ant on an elephant's fanny.

I can't remember a candidate for governor that didn't attend.