Russ Rose
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"Russell "Russ" David Rose" is an American author, professor and volleyball coach at Penn State University (1979–present). Through the end of 2014, his coaching record is 1161–180 (an .866 winning percentage, which ranks first in NCAA history. He has the most wins and highest winning percentage of any Penn State intercollegiate athletic coach in Penn State history.

In 1986, Rose married Lori Barberich, a former three-time All-American at Penn State. They are the parents of four sons, Jonathan, Michael, Christopher, and Nicholas.

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We'll be playing a veteran team. It's a veteran, disappointed team who will come in with a bad attitude.

I think the greatest contribution that she left for those kids was the value of playing hard and competing.

I can't list all the things that I have missed that were significant. My youngest son a week or so ago hit his first home run. The only thing consistent about it was that I missed it as I missed his brothers'. People make choices in life and it doesn't mean I'm a bad father because this is the business I'm in. This is my way of contributing to the family. My work takes me out of town.

I always felt that Mike was going to replace me as the head coach at Penn State. The question is, am I replacing my opening or am I trying to select my replacement?

It's a tough place to play, the band is always pretty obnoxious and actively involved in the event. We'll be pressured, I'm sure.

Oh God, no. Don't be a glutton. He's won four national championships. Who has won more? I would hope it doesn't bug him. Even though he's a competitive guy, he's been back in the final four. They lost one match last year. What are they ranked now?

I have a good libero and a good setter. That's a good place to start. The other things are kind of up in the air, but I'll know more in three days and even more a week from now and more than that when we come back to Nebraska.

The job is what the job entails. If you want to be successful, then you need to put the time into it.

I always felt like I was Stacey Gordon's biggest fan. I just loved the way she approached the game.