"Russell David" ""Russ"" "Roberts" is a research fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution well known for communicating economics to non-economists as host of the EconTalk podcast.

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They have the right to speak. We just disagree with what they're saying.

That gives you a perspective on how much we pay in taxes.

They're truly living in a fantasy world. They claim to represent the public but we're offended by claims they make.

They basically remind people that, when our company does well, so do the American people. We're telling our side of the story.

We feel like being the biggest company is not nearly as important to us as being one of the most profitable and efficiently managed companies in the world.

The energy challenge is a critical societal issue, and we feel that it's our responsibility as the industry leader to communicate about it.

This is another sobering reminder of our litigation-crazed society. This suit is frivolous and it's totally without merit.