Rudy Tomjanovich
FameRank: 4

"As player:"

* 5× List of NBA All-Stars/NBA All-Star (–, )

* No. 45 Houston Rockets#Retired numbers/retired by the Houston Rockets

"As coach:"

* 2× List of NBA champions/NBA champion (–)

* List of NBA All-Star Game head coaches/NBA All-Star Game head coach (1997 NBA All-Star Game/1997)

/ stat1label = Point (basketball)/Points

/ stat1value = 13,383 (17.4 ppg)

/ stat2label = Rebound (basketball)/Rebounds

/ stat2value = 6,198 (8.1 rpg)

/ stat3label = Assist (basketball)/Assists

/ stat3value = 1,573 (2.0 apg)

/ bbr = tomjaru01

/ letter = t


"Rudolph "Rudy" Tomjanovich, Jr." (born November 24, 1948) is an American retired basketball player and coach who coached the Houston Rockets to two consecutive NBA Finals/NBA championships. He was an All-Star forward for the Rockets during his playing career. He is currently a scout for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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I wasn't happy, ... All I was thinking about was how to win that damn next game.

I think that Kobe wants to win. He's a tremendous competitor, as fierce as anybody I've ever been around. I don't know Phil, I didn't read the book. But I noticed even after I was gone ... it's just like they got to have a soap opera.

I don't need to belabor it. I love where I'm at. I love what I'm doing. I've got a contending team. Just because I had a history with them and because I talked with them doesn't mean that I want to coach.

Nobody's had to do what he's had to do. New team. New country. New language. ... It's tough.

Glen has been making big shots for us. Any time a team commits to the double team on Yao (Ming), we have been doing a great job of making them pay, especially towards the end of a game.

It?s amazing. He?s only been in this country a few months. He?s had to join a new team, learn a new language. ... I don?t know how he?s done it. It?s a miracle.