In order to be number one, you have to train like you're number two. I guess I've always had that mentality without knowing it.

After my freshman year when I got the gold in the 200 I was really excited. The 100 was a little too short for me.

I attempted to do everything successfully. It was taxing, but I didn't think about it at the time.

That was because it was the last event of the day and it was an entire lap around the track. Your not jogging that lap either. I could never rest. I was never finished until the bus was warming up.

You have people to share it with. I'm just a team type of person. It's nice to have individual medals but having something that you can share with someone else who has worked as hard as you have, is something special.

I come from a family of athletes so It was just natural growing up. Plus I come from a big family so there was always someone to play with.

They had already had their indoor season and been practicing. So I was less prepared. I can't drop out of a conference tournament. Plus, in order to be a successful student, you just don't have time for everything.

Track is a sport where your body will get a little worn. But I played sports all year round and we had good coaches and training.

The love of sports is in our genes, it runs in the family. I never grew up wanting to do one particular thing.