Rubin Carter
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"Rubin "Hurricane" Carter" was an American/Canadian middleweight boxer who was wrongfully convicted of murder and later freed via a petition of habeas corpus after spending almost 20 years in prison.

In 1966, police arrested both Carter and friend John Artis for a triple-homicide committed in the Lafayette Bar and Grill in Paterson, New Jersey. Police stopped Carter's car and brought him and Artis, also in the car, to the scene of the crime. On searching the car, the police found ammunition that fit the weapons used in the murder. Police took no fingerprints at the crime scene and lacked the facilities to conduct a Gunshot residue/paraffin test for gunshot residue. Carter and Artis were tried and convicted twice (1967 and 1976) for the murders, but after the second conviction was overturned in 1985, prosecutors chose not to try the case for a third time.

Carter's autobiography, titled The Sixteenth Round, was published in 1975 by Warner Books. The story inspired the 1975 Bob Dylan song "Hurricane (Bob Dylan song)/Hurricane" and the 1999 film The Hurricane (1999 film)/The Hurricane (with Denzel Washington playing Carter). From 1993 to 2005, Carter served as executive director of the Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted.

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Certainly Chris is ready to go and at least start the next game for us. We also have to get Josh Driscoll ready to go depending on where Chester is.

We were playing against a great football team, a team I knew was very athletic on both sides of the ball. But I didn't know how athletic.

I told (Pompey) it's best for him not to go out there and have a setback. He's a good player and a tremendous leader for us. He will play more football and with that (artificial turf) surface out there I didn't want him to re-injure the (right) toe.

No, it was not explained to me. I was just told to pull them out and that is what I did.

I just want his mobility. How well can he move around. We want to make sure he can have pressure on the leg and run. We want to give him limited reps in practice and see how he responds.

This is one of the games that you live for. The stands will be packed. I would think the players would want to excel in a game like this.

We are going to have to be able to get off our blocks and tackle well. They are a very good opponent. They don't quit, and they play hard.

It is a challenge. I spoke about things being uncomfortable sometimes. It's not always going to be a situation where it's going to be convenient for you.

It (Saturday's game) was very positive for Chris. I think it helped him to be on the sideline and watch Josh.