Roy Roberts
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"Roy Roberts" was an American character actor. Over his more than 40-year career, he appeared in more than nine hundred productions on stage and screen.

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These kids worked so hard, they don't give up, I told them before we left the school that we were going to face some adversity, and we did going into the fourth quarter... and come back and win, that's something great, and that's just a great way to get it started and hopefully it's not this hard every week.

The kids believe, and we believe, and we won.

Our whole line did a nice job of moving people around.

Are not due to the lack of working hard.

[He continued by saying,] the (Bloomfield) coaches are working hard, but things are just not clicking right now. ... when we do start will be scary.

I can't find any forecaster in this country who forecast the industry running this strong, ... It's got a chance of beating the 1986 record year, and I think we're on track to do just that.

We expect the strong economy to continue for the foreseeable future, ... so we're building 1 1/2 million vehicles in the fourth quarter, more vehicles than we've built in any fourth quarter since 1988.

I got to give my hats off to South Windsor because I'll tell you now they're a tough team, they're definitely going to shock some teams that they play.

December set the stage for what we plan to realize in 1999. We are now expanding our truck offerings and refining our car mix -- it's a rich portfolio designed and engineered to score with customers.