The strength of the Ottawa Senators is and always will be its full-season ticket package base. More and more of our games are selling out in advance of game days, making each season ticket that much more valuable with scarcity.

When you don't get up and going until July 20, a lot of the corporate sponsors have already allocated.

We are continuing with our very aggressive ticketing strategy, combining the commitment from ownership to the on-ice success with the added value of all-round quality servicing and excellent entertainment value. Next season's pricing plan continues to offer fans a price and product second to none.

When you hit Sports Illustrated, when you hit a national television audience and you see your name as often as they do, they're not complaining.

Nobody goes in and just gets that. They're getting a soda, they're getting more than just a slice, plus they're going to your establishment. If they like your product, they're going to come back again, and I think that's where they get the win-win. It's a brilliant promotion for them despite the fact that they take a hit on the night we score six goals.