We just wanted to push as hard as we could. They obviously played cat-and-mouse towards the end, so the idea was to foul and steal and try to get the counter-attack to score.

The main difference, I think, is Australia is a little bit more relaxed.

I tried to impact as much as I could and I think I've done the job that the coach wanted me to do.

In order to win we need good communication up and don the pool. We all have the skills so we just need to help each other out in the water.

The biggest difference is definitely the size. I went to a high school of probably 1,000 kids, so coming to a school of 58,000, it's an enormous change.

I think it's a really good relationship, it's sort of a joking relationship. We sort of bully each other a little bit, but it's been great. She's been such a big help on traveling and stuff, so it's been fun. Being both freshmen, it sort of makes you come together a little more and help each other out.