"Rowan Woods" is an Australian film director/film and television director, actor and screenwriter. Woods directed The Boys (1998 film)/The Boys in 1998 and won an AFI award for best direction. The film was also entered into the 48th Berlin International Film Festival.

His next film, Little Fish (film)/Little Fish was released in September 2005 in Australia, starring Cate Blanchett. He has also directed episodes of television series including Farscape, Fireflies (TV series)/Fireflies, Police Rescue, and Spartacus: Blood and Sand. His latest film, Winged Creatures (film)/Fragments was released in 2009, and received mixed, but mostly negative reviews from critics.

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It was important in this case because there's a couple of subjects I know a little about but I need to know a lot about.

It's a bloody relief.

On one level it is quite an ambitious sprawling narrative.

It's a film about the pull of the past and the fact that whether you're a rehabilitating heroin addict or an ageing rugby league footballer or even a criminal kingpin, you have to let go of the past in order to live the present.

I am inspired by movies with distinctive directorial signatures that boldly underscore the writing.

I want a film [that doesn't do that], that offers real hope and offers a realistic reflection of who we are and how we behave and still rocks you and moves you like cinema should.