"Ross Norman" is a former professional Squash (sport)/squash player from New Zealand. He is best remembered for winning the World Open (squash)/World Open in 1986, when he beat Jahangir Khan of Pakistan in the final 9-5, 9-7, 7-9, 9-1. The win marked the end of an unbeaten run for Khan that had stretched for over five years (the longest in the history of professional sport). Norman had been ranked the World No. 2 behind Khan for some time going into the match, but despite a single-minded determination to end his unbeaten run had been unable to end the total dominance that the Pakistani had held over the game. Norman had vowed: "One day Jahangir will be slightly off his game and I will get him." That day finally came in the final of squash's biggest tournament, which was held that year in Toulouse, France.

Norman retired from the professional squash circuit in 1995, but has remained active in seniors events.

He now has two sons, Brett and Alex. Despite often returning to his homeland New Zealand, Ross lives in Sunningdale, England.

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The dollar is only down a tad, so it is looking like a pure gold move.

Gold has lagged behind what many analysts had expected or hoped given the prevailing dollar weakness, ... Gold has seen some liquidation, from one fund in particular, and I suspect that is still weighing on the market.

Its time to hang onto your hats because its going to get bumpy from here on.

The market appears to have migrated from something that one could readily measure and weigh according to a fairly reliable set of fundamentals into one where the tide shifts less to natural market forces and more to what is described as the 'madness of the crowds'.

We had a big shakeout in recent days. There was something of a bear trap at the end of August when gold dipped briefly below $430/oz before finding support from physical buying.

It's relatively quiet today. Fridays are invariably busy as many players generally get nervous ahead of the weekend.

Were it not for that we might have expected gold to be $10 or even $15 higher than it currently is.

We see no reason why gold should not repeat the performance of recent years and achieve a rise ... of 20% in 2006. That would see [prices] between $580 and $600 an ounce in 12 month's time.

There is a feeling in the market that the gold price will test the seventeen-and-a-half year high of $475.90 this afternoon and if successful then we'd probably aim for or hit the $480 level sometime next week. If the market fails to breach $475.90 today then I'd say we'll keep trying next week.