" María del Rosario Green Macías" is a Mexican people/Mexican economist, diplomat and politician.

She is a former Secretary of Foreign Affairs (Mexico)/Secretary of Foreign Affairs in the cabinet of Ernesto Zedillo (President of Mexico (1994–2000), she was also the Secretary General of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) from 2005–2006, and current Mexican Senate/Senator for the 2006-2012 period.

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I attribute this description of us as courageous, which Commander Castro has so generously made, to the courageous position that Mexico has always held in its foreign policy, in defense of the principles of sovereignty.

Failure to move now or to signal new determination to (do so) will make these weapons accepted currency.

We are cooperating. The Mexican army is cooperating, ... President [Ernesto] Zedillo has strongly said that this is a very important issue to us because of national security reasons.