We want to put pressure on the big oil companies and place an attack on excess profits and we also are going to have to keep a close eye on any price gouging.

Connecticut will elect John DeStefano its next governor because as our citizens get to know him, they will learn this state needs his leadership here in Hartford.

With 28 million children eating lunch at school every day in the United States, I believe government has an obligation to ensure parents have some peace of mind when they send their children off to school in the morning.

New and creative uses for long stretches of land like this and like the Farmington Canal.

What we should be is on the people's timetable and not on a congressional timetable.

They utilized this two-week period of time to do precisely what I and others said that they would do -- to try to create fear in this country and to try to bring pressure on members on Congress.

To champion families, we need more Democratic women in the House, and we need Al Gore and Joe Lieberman in the White House. They will fight for us, they will fight for American families and we, the Democratic women of the House, will fight for them too.

Since children are particularly vulnerable to food-borne illness, schools must be vigilant in their efforts to ensure that cafeterias are not putting children at risk. These changes in law will support parents who want to work with school principals and food-service directors to ensure a safe environment.