Ronnie Hawkins
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"Ronald" ""Ronnie"" "Hawkins" is a rockabilly musician whose career has spanned more than half a century. Though his career began in Arkansas, US, where he'd been born and raised, it was in Ontario, Canada where he found success and settled for most of his life. He is considered highly influential in the establishment and evolution of rock music in Canada.

Also known as "Rompin' Ronnie", "Mr. Dynamo", or simply "The Hawk", he was one of the key players in the 1960s rock scene in Toronto. Throughout his career, Hawkins has performed all across North America and recorded more than twenty-five albums. His hit songs included covers of Chuck Berry's "Thirty Days" (entitled "Forty Days" by Hawkins) and Young Jessie's "Mary Lou", a song about a "wiktionary:gold digger/gold digging woman". Other well-known recordings are "Who Do You Love? (Bo Diddley song)/Who Do You Love?", "Hey Bo Diddley", and "Suzie Q (song)/Suzie Q", which was written by his cousin, the late rockabilly artist Dale Hawkins.

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I hope the Canada Pops can play in E and A. I do 'Forty Days' and 'Bo Diddley'. I don't change songs, just bands.

Son you won`t make much money but you`ll get more pussy than Sinatra.

I spent ninety percent of my money on wine, women and song and just wasted the other ten percent.

Rock'n'roll was two pegs below being a prisoner of war back then.

We were playing, not for the drunks, but for the musicians, because it was more intellectually challenging. We needed somewhere to put our energy to show that we were growing, and as we started to achieve this, people came to hear us musically.

In the long-term, these people are going to be out of work like we've seen our people out of work.

They should never have to hire anybody from outside for big jobs in Canada. It's weird thinking, ... Keep the money in the country if you can. Canada has got the acts that can do the job in any vein.

I am a cross between Carl Perkins and Led Zeppelin.

A good band is like a team. You want to have the right balance. It's not always the best people you need, but the right ones for the job.