"Ronnie Bond" was an English people/English singing/vocalist and drummer, who had a solo hit single called "It's Written On Your Body", released on Mercury Records. It entered the UK Singles Chart on 31 May 1980. It remained in the charts for five weeks, reaching No.52.

He was born "Ronald James Bullis", in Andover, Hampshire, England. Bond was previously the drummer and backing vocalist with the 1960s hit band, The Troggs, whose hits included "Wild Thing (Chip Taylor song)/Wild Thing", (UK No.2; US No.1); "With a Girl Like You", (UK No.1; US No.9) and "I Can't Control Myself", (UK No.2; US Top 50), all in 1966, and "Love Is All Around (The Troggs song)/Love is All Around" (UK No.5; US No.7) in 1967 (1968 in the US). The Troggs also had several smaller hits, including "Any Way That You Want Me", a UK No.8 in January 1967, and "Night Of The Long Grass" and "Give It To Me", both UK Top 20 hits during 1967.

Bond died on 13 November 1992, in the Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester, Hampshire, England, aged 52.


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He's an outstanding man. He's truly loves the kids, and he's given a lot to his profession.

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