Rondell White
FameRank: 4

"Rondell Bernard White" is a former outfielder and designated hitter in Major League Baseball. His career batting average was .284 and his career slugging percentage was .462.

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I feel at home already, man.

I love it here, but it's a business.

I'm really, really excited about to be in a DH role. A lot of good things can happen.

Before my career is over, I want to win. And that sounds like a lot of Ws.

Close to being No. 1.

If you look at it like a pitch-hitting at-bat, its going to be tough.

He wants me back. No one ever said that to me. For him to call made me feel great.

I lost a lot of respect for him. You don't throw, trying to hit somebody up near his head, and then do that. It was terrible. We wanted him to know we didn't like it.

I'm just excited and ready to go.