"Ronald John Allen" was an English character actor who became a soap opera star.

Allen was born in Reading, Berkshire. He studied at Leighton Park School in Reading and trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London, where he won the John Gielgud Scholarship. He worked in repertory theatre and had a season at the Old Vic in London. Allen also appeared in several films, including a A Night to Remember (1958 film)/A Night to Remember (1958) about the sinking of the Titanic, the British horror films The Projected Man (1967) and The Fiend (film)/The Fiend (1972), the war film Hell Boats (1970), and the black comedy Eat the Rich (film)/Eat the Rich (1987).

After roles in the BBC soaps Compact (TV series)/Compact (1963–64) and United! (1966–67) came his best remembered role, in the long-running Crossroads (soap opera)/Crossroads (1969–85). Allen played David Hunter, who was a shareholder of the Crossroads Motel with Meg Mortimer, Tish Hope and Bernard Booth. He also twice appeared as a lead actor in the science fiction programme Doctor Who, in the stories The Dominators (1968) and The Ambassadors of Death (1970).

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