"Ronald Gordon "Ron" Stevens", Q.C. was a Canada/Canadian politician. He was a member of the current Legislative Assembly of Alberta representing the constituency of Calgary-Glenmore as a Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta/Progressive Conservative until his resignation on May 15, 2009. He was subsequently appointed a Judge of the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta on May 20, 2009 by the government of Canada.

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You have an individual, who can at some points, I'm sure, carry large sums of money, who might feel he's vulnerable in some of the areas.

I assure you that your constituent's concerns have been taken seriously, and have led to a review of the disclosure protocols of both Alberta Children's Services and Alberta Justice, Family Law.

I can't get into all that. Obviously, we don't think it's right for him to be fighting. It's up to other jurisdictions to do what they think is right.

Getting in. Before that, you're warm.

She was horribly upset to give it up. But the flood's just taken over everything.

We are the boxer's last line of defense.

They did the very best they could and they were forced to abandon the building. It obviously wasn't safe. She called to say she fed all the animals one last time and put the remainder of their fuel in the generator and then they left.

The lake can really get to you. The water can be like a washing machine.